Monday, March 19, 2007

And now for something completly different!

Dear Monty Python! One of my other faves, is "Run away! Run away!".

Anyway the problem with blogger turned out to be me. So I am back not only able to blog but able also to leave comments! Ah ha ha ha! I'm back, baby!

I have been sifting through my e-mail catching up on what's in it as Katt can attest to, as so much of it has now gone to her Inbox. My Inbox was about to explode with how much of Katt's coffee man was in there. Matt Hardy is hardly ever in my Inbox, this is most disappointing.

What was in there is one of my new found heroes!

This is Ariel, who doesn't look much like the little mermaid I will admit...But she is a very freaky girl, and I adore her. I have to thank Katt for putting me onto her, clearly sending her all her Coffee Man has paid off!
Anyway Ariel does this most excellent bat thing on the ring ropes, and it seemed rather familiar, and I wondered....

And then there is this rubbishy gossip column thingo the WWE produce, I struck gold when I was reading one of the last ones, the name inspired me to check it out rather than simply delete it.

Pole position
Are you as impressed as we are with Ariel’s upside-down, batlike moves on the ECW ring ropes? Diva Dish just had to ask Ariel to reveal the secret to her limber body. Here’s a hint: it’s all thanks to something tall, hard and shiny…

“Well, I purchased a stripper pole. Because you know, the best work out is a full body work out with a stripper pole. I have a couple tricks with it,” Ariel said slyly. “The little tricks, I bring them to the ring. That’s why I hang upside down.”

It seems ECW’s resident Tarot card reader has been practicing her sexy stripper pole moves for quite some time.

“Oh yeah, I have experience with it,” she mysteriously laughed.

A full body workout as I keep trying to tell people (ie my mother) and no one believes me. I think the proof is in the picture!

Speaking of pictures, I have some of my knitting but since I have evidently turned into some sort of technological dunce, I am having trouble uploading form the camera, what am I doing wrong??? Miss Stash's help is going to be needed, so hopefully later today I will have some pictures of my knitting at long last for you! Now won't that be exciting??? And no before anyone asks (and I know who will ask) there are no pictures of socks!!!!!

Hasta la vista babies!


2paw said...

It is I, Le Tea Woman and no pictures of socks???!!!!! I should be grateful there is not a man with 3 buttocks!!!! I hope you win Tatts so you can have a Pole: metal, not nationality!!!

Katt said...

Aaah I was right! I knew you would love Ariel!! Very nice isnt she? And the Vampire fangs help too! lol

Sure it was you not Blogger? Blogger is retarded (no offence to anyone who may be) most the time.