Thursday, May 03, 2007

Is that a sock I see before me????

I have gone so off knitted socks I never want to see one again, which is why I am glad upon seeing Magknits latest issue there are no socks, but also not a lot else. However I am pleased to see another bag form bags pattern. I accumulate plastic bags somehow. I refuse them, take my own but still.....

My lack of ambition for socks left me a little disappointed there was still some Knittery colours I wanted to try out.
I have a few colours in mind and am seriously thinking of building a bridge to Sock Land and making the new ones in Yarn. Make them less cutesy with an appropriate colour choice. And maybe then we can continue peace negations.

Now something else that tickled my fancy in Yarn was the wimple! What is with that? I am deeply in love with the Cathedral Window Shawl, now if only I wasn't so fickle in love, but I highly doubt I have the commitment at this point in time to settle down for life.

I was thinking about a devil hat and I remembered I had some beads left from when I did the Rowan beaded bag, and wondered if perhaps a beaded wristwarmer might have been quicker???
And I had a thought about bowling bags, which it I admit took me a back a bit when I saw it in the Anticraft - I mean a bowling bag in Anticraft????
I remembered late last night Mystery Men starring Janeanne Garofalo (one of my fave actresses) who played the Bowlers daughter, she had his head put into a bowling ball - well he was the Bowler I suppose.

Anyway I'm off m\for my veg time, I am going to put some CSI on and sit and think about nothing. I think I might actually have tomorrow all to myself! I'm looking forward to that.

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msfortuknit said...

Your incredible! I love Ms. G, you are a goddess Suzi, ive missed you so much!