Saturday, May 05, 2007


Is it possible lightening can strike in the same spot more than once??? Well there was a poor guy in the USA who was a park ranger, he was also a bit of a human lightening conductor. The guy got zapped a dozen times in his life, granted not always in the same place. But the poor soul commited suicide in the end.

The knitting powers that be, have streamlined something into my brain, but for the time being I am keeping it under my hat. And it's not just for Alice, it's for Awesome! But it shall remain under my hat until a future date, to make sure everything goes as planned - who knows I could end up with a three armed sweater a la Morticia Adams yet.


2paw said...

Makes me glad I was inside during the thunder storms this week!!
Everyone is having secret surprise knitting!! You, the Yarn Harlot.... I must say that in the olden days most knitters on TV were of the comic variety- of the 3 sleeves for example!!!

amanda j said...

Thunderstorms terrify me! I would not be out in one for all the tea in China.

Hmm, you've got me wondering what you are up to!

msfortuknit said...

This is just another sign not to knit with metal needles especially on rainy daze in public!! hahahah