Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Party On Garth!

It's days like this I live for, when someone like the wonderful Ms Fortuknit stops by to ask me those important questions like "Has anybody told you lately that you are a complete Gothic Goddess??????"

In reply I have this to say "NO!". I am most displeased not only has nobody told me lately, they have not constructed a lavish temple in my honour, or made the required daily offerings of freshly baked cup cakes.
I may have to send down some lightening bolts to smite people with, or at least give them a bit of a jolt!

As a truly amazing Gothic Goddess I need a new handbag to reflect my status this year at Alice, and possibly a new Devil Hat (there is two versions in Domiknitrix, hmmmmm). And of course the aforementioned shoes! Actually I am little uncertain what else to wear, I have my lovely black skirt I wore last year, but I fear I may need a new top as well.
And of course the all important ticket! But I am pleased to see that they are not much more in price than last year, yeah! But who he's support act if there is even going to be one I don't know???

Now I hope you are all sitting down, and you may as well brace yourselves as well. Tonight just prior to writing this I picked up my Broadripple sock and recommenced work on it! Perhaps you should all go have a nice cup of tea and a lie down to revover from that revelation. But lets face it, after that nothing could surprise any of you, not even if I danced in the street naked while it rained!

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2paw said...

I do not know who, or what, Garth is. I had a lovely laugh at your indignant realisation that no-one was worshipping you!!! Very Terry Pratchett!!! I am having a Bex and a good lie down at the news you are doing a second sock!!!