Friday, May 11, 2007

There have been phone calls but not the right one! Alas, and it turns out Naughty Needles is on the way! Yeah! It's been posted so hopefully won't be far off arriving now.
I can't wait!

There's a special something I have in mind to make and I have been poking about the net for yarn sources and substitutions. Starting something else? But of course!
It's needling away at my brain and needs to be created. I can't rest until it is done! That and the other 50 things going on in there.

Anyway it's back to James Bond, tonight is You Only Live Twice, last night I had From Russia With Love. I like the old Bonds, as much as I enjoyed the latest Casino Royale, as an action movie you couldn't fault it, it was brilliant! But as a Bond film, I wanted gadgets, girls, those predictable but cheesy one liners!
Granted there have been lasers and sharks, but alas no sharks with lasers attached to their heads....A lot of white cats. Look! I say to the Daft White Cat! I could rent you out to movie makers, earn your keep boy! He doesn't seem keen, unless chasing his tail is a sign of enthusiasm.


msfortuknit said...

Suzi I cant wait to hear what you think about this one!

2paw said...

The Labradors are always threatened with being sold for medical experiments. How you spoil the DWC!!! Your books is very fast!! bah humbug to the phone calls. Roger Moore/Timothy Dalton: my least fave James Bonds. Sean Connery/Daniel Craig my favouritest thus far... New Bond in 18 months!!!