Thursday, May 10, 2007

Whoo Hooo!!

I have been doing some minor celebrating, only minor there was no booze so not a major celebration yet. Everything is still under my hat, I am waiting for final phone calls before I dance naked down the street in the rain.

I have been working on a special something for Miss Stash, I have knitted it up, taken it back, knitted it up, taken it back, knitted it up, taken it back, etc etc....
Now I am about to take it back again because there is not enough stitches again, there is either two many or not enough. Getting the right number and adjusting the design slightly to fit occupied me for hours yesterday.

Speaking of Miss Stash, we have done some book shopping, I have ordered Pretty in Punk and Charmed Knits from Amazon, while Miss Stash ordered far more sensible books.

Cruising around the net in my pirate ship, I stumbled upon this picture! How awe inspiring is that?? I so have to make one myself.

What else? I'm still organising for Alice, what will I wear? Choosing the optimum shoes is going to be essential, after last year, I may avoid heels. I was discussing the concert with Miss Stash who told me rock concerts where the sort of thing you should go in a group too. Very wise, alas I have no Alice friends! Not yet, anyway, I may have to organise to sit with the other odd bods this year, I'm sure they would have appreciated the Devil Hat last time.

I'm working my way through James Bond series, I've had Dr No, Goldfinger and Thunderball. I've also jumped a head slightly and had a couple of Roger Moore's - Octopussy and Live and Let Die. And that bloke who only did one, he was a model or something? On Her Majesty's Service? I've also seen the original Casino Royale which was a spoof. Absolutely mad cap, I recognized a few faces (mostly from the Pink Panther series).

Now I need to go back to in between Dr No and Goldfinger, there was From Russia With Love and after Thunderball was ??? I might need to check on that.
But it has proved an invaluable time for knitting, I may have to take this opportunity to finish my cloud hat in progress for Mongolia.


2paw said...

I'll email you the list of James Bond movies. George Lazenby was in OHMSS, he's an aussie and he was also in JAG I think!!! I know not what your news is, but as it is rather chilly, instead of dancing naked, maybe post on your blog?? Hope the longed for phone call comes soon!! I remember the Devil hat!!!

amanda j said...

Since Alice is getting on a bit, I am sure he will forgive the sensible shoes! What is this news? You are always keeping me guessing!

metal and knit said...

Alice I soo wanted to see hm but cant afford the tickets or the Annual Leave for it. $155.85 a seat mmm Ill just have yarn and camps. Oh Well just have to have a cd night

msfortuknit said...

Has anyone told you of late that you are THE complete gothic goddess! Good luck on the gift!