Sunday, April 01, 2007

By the pricking of my black thumbs! Something green this way grows!

I bought a basil plant on Tuesday and so far my notorious black thumbs have not managed to kill it! If it does survive a bit longer, at least another week, possibly two to be sure, I am going to have a go at Italian parsley. From there, possibly some oregano.

Tonight I make for the first time ever, an Easiyo yogurt in my Easiyo yogurt maker. Up until now I have been making my own yogurt up from a mix of skim milk powder, water and some natural yogurt to start it off.
Fingers crossed it all goes well.

I was working away on the Bowhunter wirstwarmer this afternoon, and suffered momentary panic when I thought I had made a mistake and would need to take it back. My panic was unnecessary, I had merely miscounted!
It's really beginning to take shape and I am pleased with it, can't wait to start the 'back'!

Tonight is Miss Marple night, I have no idea what the story is as I can't quite put the description of it to a book, Sandra D thought perhpas they were doing the Pale Horse. Will wait and see.


skully said...

Another Christie fan???? Me too!! I read them and watch them as much as possible.

amanda j said...

Wow! Well done! Your cooking will take on a new and fabulous fresh taste with your own herbs. I can't grow mould!