Sunday, December 12, 2004

13 days of Christmas

I can't believe it's now that close! Hands up who else isn't organised?

Since we're in the final countdown for Christmas I thought it aould be appropiate to have some Chrismassy links and ideas for you.

First off we have Sunbeam (the dried fruit company), some yummy cake recipes (choc, rum and apricot looks good) and a very cool Choc Fruit and Nut Tree. Yummo!

Second we have Nigella Lawson's site, I bought her new book Feast the other week. Just in time for Christmas, how well planned was that? So far everybody has been less enthusiastic about this recipe than I have, Sweet Potato's with Marshmallows. I think it was Woman's Day(?) who featured it in their Xmas lunch special last year or the year before? And it has since captivated my attention. And only mine.

What I'll be doing for Christmas lunch is still very much undetermined. I love my family, but I love them more when there far away and I don't have to contend with them. Does this make me Scrooge? An ogre? A really bad person? Of course not, I may be delusional but I am also liberated!
See life on the Darkside isn't all bad. Just a bit weird sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

Is that all your family you prefer far away or is your little sister an exception? hmm?