Thursday, December 30, 2004

It's nearly a new year......

And of course that means more celebrations! I'm hunting for some yummy cocktail recipes - have to have something to serve up in my "special" glasses.

What's so special about them? There coloured plastic cocktail (margarita and martini) glasses which have a light in the base so they "glow in the dark". $2 bucks each.

But what can I say? Anything trashy, camp, kitcsh, or declasse has my name written on it. I'll post pics hopefully so you can see them in all their declasse glory.

I found a recipe online for Bailey's, until I get the recipe for the tried and tested one this will have to substitute.

And since I always talk about Matt Hardy, for your veiwing pleasure and so you can go "Oh, that's him...." Click Here.

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