Wednesday, December 08, 2004

There's no place like home!

It is good to be back! Yes, my technical troubles have been solved. And dear readers, I have mised you! Provided I still have you I hope you've missed my (I like to think) witty repartee about my knitting and the choas that goes on around it.

Od course now, I'm blogging again I really will have to make a concentrated effort to knit more.

In my last post I was talking about knitted decorations, I like the concept of knitted decorations because non-knitters are highly impressed because "you've made so much effort" and gift recipents are also impressed because it only has to come out once a year and if they hate it that's a good thing.

My naughty white cat (who is hearing challenged) dosen't get out much, he adores his toys, certain of my possessions and has a real passion for anything knitted. Especially small knitted things.

You can imagine how long knitted things stay on my tree. Although I have to admit he's getting better. He can get them off without knocking the tree over. But his particular fave decoration? A blue stocking. Of all of them this was the one he had to have the most. Somewhere since last Christmas it has vanished into thin air, or to that place your other sock goes. I guess I'll have to knit him another one.

Speaking of knitting for Christmas, I highly reccommend Neophyte Knitter. It's new on my to be read blogs list and while there I had to check this pattern out and it's given me cause for thought.

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