Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Single and Looking v Single

After signing up for something recently I was intrigued by the question of Marital Status. I had a choice of Single or Single and looking.

Well, yes I am single and I am looking. Does it matter what I'm looking for? Because right now it's a Quarter Pounder without mustard, pickle and onion. Ten minutes from now it could be Matt Hardy (something much easier to obtain over the internet), or the next knitting project to make.

I've finally got around to downloading and reading the special mini-issue of Knitty as featured in their Fall issue. I am very keen to make the Boobie Scarf. Mainly because I'm addicted to scarves and secondly because the prospect of knitting a boobie scarf just amuses me to no end. The possibilites of KIP (Knitting In Public) are just too much with this project. No I don't have life.

After following a link from another blog (Yarnivourous I think) I discovered these over at Knitorius. Hmmm, Boobie Scarf, yes. These.....I'm not so sure about.

Stitch n' Bitch Nation appears to have reached our shores at last. I must go and look for it. If you follow this link here, you can see the pictures of the projects in this new book. I've seen some potentials already. What do I mean by some? My particular fave was the last photo in the gallery it looks like a 8-ball tea cosy. Now that would be a cool tea cosy.

I've been doing some "additions" to my blog or more to the sidebar. The knitting links are all still there, plus a few new ones thrown in. But before you get to all the wrestling links, I've included a new section that basically covers my other interests. Websites I like to visit and groups I'm part of, just to give you a little more of an idea what makes this knitter tick

On a final knitting note for today we go to a blog called Wendy Knits.
Why? Because apparently she is the mastermind behind the Bad-Ass Knitter I've come across just recently. You can find the Bad-Ass Knitters Manifesto here and while looking through the archives (July 2004) I see a Bad-Ass Kitty Manifesto was written. Being a cat owner I love it, but it kinda sounds like my cats already are.......

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