Friday, December 17, 2004

Back to work I must go.

There is no getting away from it I must pick up the knitting and get back to work. I'm planning a quiet Friday night in, watch some tv and knit my heart out. Not that there's much on of late, but i am absolutely revited by a documentry made by the BBC that's currently being shown on SBS - Love for Sale.

I'm amazed by it, or more to the point, I'm amazed with how much people will pay the girls they are interveiwing. Don't they relise how much yarn that kind of money could buy?

Maybe they do, I wonder if any of them knit? But all this has got me to thinking. If I earnt that kind of money what would I spend it on? Aside from more yarn, more 4mm needles (I never have enough) and then I read about these earlier in the month over at Yarn Harlot and had to check them out for myself.

24K gold knitting needles. For the knitter who has everything and just won tattslotto. Santa I've been good!
Really good.

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