Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Blogs, Knit Alongs and Really Cool Patterns.

As some of you will have noticed, my list of favourite blogs has increased. These are only about a quarter of the ones I read, the ones listed here on my blog are the ones I try to check back to everytime I'm on. There's another umpteen dozen I try to pop back and check but not quite as regularly - not enough time!

Am I the only one addicted to knitting blogs? I love to see what other people are working on, what yarn their using and where the pattern came from. Unfortunatly this leaves me with not enough time because I keep finding things I want to make! But one of my new faves is Knitting Psychos.

I'm equally intrigued by Knit Alongs. I found a site featuring Knit Alongs for 2004 and it included a link to the site which is hosting the 2005 Knit Alongs. Where there many this year! I hope some of them continue on into next year becuase some of them sound quite cool. My personal fave, though I doubt I'd knit it - the Hello Kitty! Knit Along.

In the online magazines section, I have listed Spun which I heard about on one of my knitting lists. It's a new online magazine starting in Febuary. I can't wait to see what it is like!

Most of the yarn companys who have web pages usually provide free patterns of some sort for their yarns, I had almost given up hope that the (Australian) Patons website would ever get anyhting in their free pattern section. I checked back today and I presume they added the patterns just before Christmas. Not one, not two, but THREE Chritsmas tea cosy's. I know where I work we have a high turn-over in tea cosy's, particulary in the lead up to Christmas. But I think these would only suit someone who loves kitsch. If you know anyone who'd like one next Christmas or just to stare and think what the ......? Click here.

Something else I saw and had to investigate. Having made mittens, I'm contemplating making gloves. But I think I have found the perfect imbetween project. A Glitten - a glove crossed with a mitten. I love them they are so cool looking! You can find instructions here for them.

And last but not least, a new fave website. Jack Daniels, I so will be back. The concept of the virtual drink is just too much temptation. What has this got to do with knitting you ask? Nothing apart from the fact that I really love it and I really love knitting.

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