Thursday, April 21, 2005

Ahh it's been awhile.....

It has been awhile but first I want to start with the public shaming of some complete strangers.

No, I don't know these people but I do know that they drive a dark blue station wagon - one of the modern ones you know more rounded than straight lines.

I was in the car with my mother who was dirving me home at about quarter to four this afternoon (Thurs 21/4/05), when I said to my mother I can hear a siren. My mother's response is "Where is it?"
"I don't know, I can just hear it not see it" Like you can see a siren anyway, but you know what I mean I couldn't actullay see at first what it belonged to.
"It's an ambulance." says my mother. Now we were in the right lane coming across the bridge just past the Seaport, the ambulance was furthur back in the right lane so my mother pulls over to the left as the same time as the ambulance who'd obviously had the same idea as less traffic was travelling in the left lane at the time.

My mother moves back into the right lane, we're coming across the bridge, by this stage about halfway. Now I know I said there was less traffic and my mother moved back into the right lane, that dosen't mean the left lane is now devoid of traffic.

Oh noooooooooooo! Yes, I am referring to the dark blue station wagon. It's still in the left lane, with the ambulance - lights flashing and siren on - right behind it.
Acros the bridge, towards the traffic lights and the dark blue station wagon is just cruising along, I'm not sure of the name of that first street that runs down to Invermay Road but there's a petrol station on the corner.
The ambulance is still stuck behind this station wagon coming across the lights, after we've crossed the lights the ambulance has pulled in front of the line of traffic in the right lane where there was a gap. Now in front of the ambulance is one of these big truck-ute types it immedietly pulls into the left lane and the amubulance zooms off and we can see it in the distance turning down Foster Street where McDonalds is on the corner, the truck-ute pulls back into the right lane and throught all of this the dark blue station wagon is still driving along in the left lane at the same speed it was doing over the bridge in front of the ambulance. WTF?

Why am I so pissed about the dark blue station wagon? Because apart from being inconsideate to the ambulance crew and the people waiting for this ambulance by slowing it down, it's freakin dangerous to the people waiting. The person waiting may only have broken bones and a few seconds longer may not make a huge difference but the person waiting could also be having a heart attack, or have suffered some major injury that sees them bleeding everywhere, stuff like that every second does make a difference.

Starting right here, right now I don't know if these dark blue station wagon driving people will read this but I'd like all my fellow Launcestonians and Tasmanians for that matter to spread the word about these freaks, because Launceston isn't that small a place once you start talking to people.

Onto more positive topics, I had my first "session" at the gym Tuesday afternoon. Once I got over the temptation to say to "my" trainer just how old are you? He looked like he should still be in high school, but he was a nice guy and really seemed to know what he was on about so I'm less freaked.
Before I went I had this irrational and stupid fear that it would kill me, I knew it was stupid and irrational but still I was afraid. But i'm over that now, and I had a 10-minute session on the Versa Trainer - I think it's either a cross trainer or somehting similar to it. After 10 mins, I'd had it and my knees are like AAARRRRRGGGHHHHH!
But 30 seconds after all of this I'd become one of those happy perky people who irritate me beyond belief. I went to the supermarket after the gym and I'm happy and excited to be there in the supermarket. I'm just so excitied about being in the supermarket. They must be pumping something through the air conditioning at the gym.

My first project on the round is Voodoo (wrist warmers) from Knitty and is coming on really well I'm making it out of some Magnum Prints - the blue one.

I bought some more yarn at a ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World) fundraiser for the Tsunami victims. The money will go towards a project in one of the ACWW nations hit by the tsuanmi. It's all thick stuff, some of it I'm going to use for myself, some of the others I'm going to use for knitting for Dulaan. But I donated the equivelent spent on yarn to charity, I like when that happens. I am still making my monthly donations thorugh my yarn diet to MSF and The Wilderness Society. But every little helps.

Also on the news front and one of the reasons it's taken me so long to blog, Matt Hardy - yes my beloved Matt Hardy, has been fired by the WWE. I'm sad I won't be seeing him on my tv screen amy time soon but i'm not sad the WWE fired him because basicly there kinda crap on a good day. I'm hoping if he does go somewhere else like TNA we'll hopefully have it in Australia by then.

I bought a new bra and it's my first black one! In honour of Matt's many losses, and because you know in my dreams..........

Well, I think that's about it for the last week. I'll have to get back to more regualr posting now.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


Cathy said...

Welcome back. We missed you.


Sharon said...

I am with you with the car thing, some people @###!@!!. I am sure that they think they are the only people alive in this world. And of course a big hello, I have been a bit quite on the blogging front too.

Katt said...

Hey woman! You live!

I hate people who get like that when it comes to Ambulances and Fire crew (hell cops too even). THEY should be allowed to get to where they want as soon as they can (unless ya know the sirens are for them to get to lunch).

How is the knitting going?

What did you get at the yarn buy? You should have told me about it!