Friday, April 01, 2005

Who You Gonna Call?

1. Matt Hardy?
2. Spiderbusters?
3. Dad?

Last night after I've gotten into bed and was lying there, reading my book, everything's just fine. I decide it's time for lights out and at first I thought the curtain had moved. I decided I was imagining things and then realised the it wasn't the curtain but something on the curtain. It looked a biggin too. EWWWWWW! I do not cope well with 8-legged invaders.

I tried to be brave, I even left it alone in my bedroom when I fled to get the vacumn. Came back, plugged the vacumn in, and went to suck it up. The bugger only went and moved and I sucked up the curtain which then got stuck in the vacumn and the unwelcome invader made a run for it across the curtain and disappeared behind a chair which was in front of the window.
After that any resolve to be brave went out the window which is where I would have preferred the 8-legged invader to go.

So I'm having a panic attack ( a speciality of mine), blubbering and too afraid to go anywhere because it could come out and go somewhere else.

1. Matt Hardy unfortunatly by the time he got here from America the thing will have died of old age and I will be jibbering wreck beyond help and spend the rest of my days in a small room shouting about spiders.
2. Spiderbusters - Unfortunatly they don't exist, but I wish they would. If anybody is looking to go into business please start this one.
3. Dad. He came out in his pyjamas moved the furniture and looked all over the curtains back and front and decided he couldn't see a spider and he wasn't going to start looking for one now (it was midnight by this stage) and that I had better come home and he'd come back in the morning and look for it.

Well there was no sign this morning, my mother thinks it probably left sometime last night and my father thinks the same but just in case we have gassed my bedroom with insect spray. Nothing emerged in a mad attempt to get away from the fumes so it's either left or already dead. However despite this I am not sleeping in my room tonight, I'm camping out in my own living room if I'll sleep is another matter. My brave volunteers who think the spider is long gone will however come round in the morning to check for bodies alive and otherwise.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


Cathy said...

Guess what Suzi? Husband's can be useful at times and one of those times is when there's a big spider in the bedroom.

Don't forget to restock with Mortein (SPIDER STRENGTH).


Sharon said...

Also invest in some surface spray and spray around door openings and windows and this stops the buggers from getting in in the first place. I HATE SPIDERS.

ttbookjunkie said...

Yuck spiders got really scare me as much as they gross me out, hubby takes care of them when we see them which is not that often in the mountains.