Saturday, October 08, 2005

There is an Alien amongst us!

Finally finished Thursday night, after I finally made the trip to Spotlight to fnally buy the much needed yarn, THE ALIEN IS COMPLETE!

I hope to take some pictures tomorrow of it to show you all, however at this stage it's ends are not sewn in and I haven't put the fringe on - I must sew the ends in first to do this bit.

I was too exhausted to knit anything last night, so nothing got done. But this afternoon I started a scarf out of my Sari yarn (blue/green/white). I am using the Japanese Lantern Scarf as featured on the Sari-A-Long. It's over a quarter done, but not quite halfway yet. Tomorrow pictures!

In an effort to reduce my stash, make space and actually get around to knitting something for others - Project Stashbusting For Charitys has begun!
To kick it off, I have started a beanie in toddler size out of some 12-ply. Unfortunatly that was about the quantity of that colour I had but I am sure it will be suitable for Mongolia Take Two.

If I haven't explained about Mongolia Take Two yet, some of my more long-term readers will know about my collection for Dulaan which was more of a success than I ever imagined. But now one of the ladies who knit for me for Dulaan is knitting and collecting knitting to send to Mongolia with her sister who is going to set up a school and teach English through her church group.

I'm afraid with all this other knitting, the sock has been temporarily neglected. I ripped it back on Wednesday because I really wasn't happy with it and started over, I'm still alittel uncertain so rather than rip it back and be too annoyed with it to start over I think some time out and a chance to look at it with fresh eyes is in order.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

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