Sunday, October 23, 2005

Today is my Birthday!

Exciting? I think not baby puppy.

I've been knitting some Filatra De Crosa's Super Soft in a camofalouge print into the scarf featured int he latest Simply Knitting. The chunky ribbed one with the split to thread your scarf through.

I've wanted to make a scarf like this since I saw it in Stitch N' Bitch: The Knitters Handbook. I have trouble even with my long scarves unwinding and slipping. Very vexing.

I did a fair amount of bakign yesterday, I made osme Cappacino Cupcakes which need to be iced and dusted with cocoa so they really look like cappacinos.

There was the CHerry loaf which was bad.....I will take a photo if possible and show you all what I mean. And then there was the Crostata, I might use a bit less lemon next time. ANd never use bought custard agian, it was too something.

Shoosh you! After being so good all this mroing the White Cat is now goign to play up, he keeps looking out the windows. Somebody's making a lot of noise outside. Clearly it's making him restless.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and birthday girl and damn proud of it.


Dandy said...

Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day!

Leeanne said...

Happy Birthday Suzi, I hope you had a lovely relaxing day.
Your baking sounds adventuristic and fun.

Katt said...

I cant believe after reading your post I forgot to wish you a happy birthday on your blog!

Hope you had a great day chicken little


2paw said...

Happy Birthday!! The Labradors send licks and wiggles and wags ( and perhaps alittle leaping from Peri!!) Hope you had a great day. Camouflage - is it green?? I think that scarf is great. Bought custard seems easy, but in the end it isn't I think. I usually succumb and just make my own, instead of buying it and feeling cross.

Sharon said...

Happy birthday Suzi, hope it was a good one and those muffins sound delicious.