Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fear not!

As for Bill and Ted, well, I got my own back in class yesterday on Bill. We had a class on communicating on the telephone, yes, they actuually tach you about telephone etiquette and handling.

Well since Bill and Ted and our other group member voted me into being secretary, I was outvoted by threemales as Bill told me. Soemthing in our group discussion, we somehow got onto perky. I made osme crack about how we wern't talking about the kind of sex phone lines Bill rings up...much to great amusement.

Today, today was anew day. Bill and I got along a lot better, I wouldn't say a house on fire, but considerably better, especially since we got assigned to a group together along with the two R's (yes, both girls have the same name).

And the wonderful Che put me onto this, aren't these the coolest lookign oven gloves you've ever seen??


metal and knit said...

super score for suzi what a good line.

considering i work on Directory assistance Im glad they teach some of the morons out there how to use phone etiqutte and i am sure it is intened to the ferals in the class not you

2paw said...

Secretary?? Not as in James Spader I hope!!!!!!
At least you can amuse yourself!!!

Sharon said...

Those gloves are awesome!!

I have been eyeing off fabrics at Spotlight and think that I may have to dust off the old sewing machine.