Monday, July 10, 2006

I Spy With My Little Eye...

Did anybody else see Miami CSI last night? I do believe that was a not a Hottie Clicker or something very much like it that boy had.

I had to do a practical for my Advanced bar Wenching aka Food and Beverage Wenching course on Friday night, so my father taped Blackbeard for me, which went well till towards the end were first someoen had chnged the channel while it was recording and then it had stopped recording altoghether after giving me brief hope when someone had turned it back to the right channel.

So no I don't actually know how Blackbeard ended...

I ended up sitting next to Bill and Ted today in class, or more to the point they sat next to me. I had to work with them, I got voted 'secretary' because I was the only girl in the group.
But honestly I look at bill and Ted and I see myself as a prime candidte fro that Grumpy Old Women show. What I could say!

A bona fide cranky red head.


2paw said...

Oh yes, I saw the Nottie Hottie clickers as I like to call them AND did you know there was an extra little bonust scene that you could watch that gives plot info?? No?? Well that's because stupid CBS has taken it away in their 'update'!!! I was caught in a Grounhog Day loop on their site!!! I will tell you tomorrow what I sleuthed out!!!
Tell Bill and Ted you won't be dictated to!!!!

metal and knit said...

useless pigs they must be. cant think for themselves and think it is still a female role.

Cant rememeber how blackbeard ended been solong since i last saw it. Must watch it again though

msfortuknit said...

K im not sure where your at in the CSI season, I think I may have ruined it for you on Boston Legal, sorry, so Im not going to comment on CSI until I know which one! As for Blackbeard which one the new one or the old one?

Hope you had a nice day Suz'