Monday, July 03, 2006

The Coolest Exchange of the Millenium!!

Who haven't I told about this? Probably you my dear blog readers, I have how ever been talking people's ears off about how Che asked me if I'd like to participate in a gift exchange similar to secret pal but more suited to those of us with, ahem, similar asthetic tastes.

It now has it's own blog page, yes it has grown, evolved into it's own being, soon it will take over the world (and rightly so!). The Punk Rock Gift Exchange!
I think you all should take the time to admire and marvel at it! This is truly a revolution in gift exchanges, where would we be without the internet?

My father (who is from Scotland) talks about Anoraks - people who are obsessed with a particular hobby or collecting certain things and how the internet is like a giant anorak allowing Anoraks not only to meet in clubs and classes in their own area but converse and view pictures of what fellow Anoraks are doing on the other side of the world.
To which I say: Bloody Marvelous!!!

And in closing, Matt my little knitting helper has now got a big head and the fact that he has acquired a small number of fans. There'll be no living with him now.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head who is going to find out exactly why the rum is gone!


2paw said...

I'm an 'Anorak' who can pass for a Normal, so perhaps I'm a 'Parka'???
I've noticed we female Anoraks have a much better press tahn male Anoraks.
Lovely swap page, though it is very RED!!!!!
Hope Matt calms down a bit, maybe you could let him read some Hard Core Sci-Fi : Harry Potter #1???

metal and knit said...
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metal and knit said...

WEll Move over Matt Ill take Johnny Depp dressed as Edward Scissorhands. Even considering a friend would like to have that suit as well I guess it could be nice. I wont mind a human sized version to cuddle when he deceides he want back to this state.

LOve the idea of Punk Rock gift group but i dont fit there as im more metal and old school metal at that.

Next trip I do to Robertson for order drop off I have to take a pic of Galleria Serpentine for you it is a bit of a fav spot with me and my mate.

msfortuknit said...

Suzi, You keep me smiling! I am enamoured by you!! You should be in PR or Marketing! hahaha Turning out rock stars is your thing hun! :)

So I think that your dad has something on the internet thing! Hope that your day was well and that its not to cold over there! :)

Sharon said...

You will have a great time swapping with like minded 'punk chics' have fun.