Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I Live To Write Again!


I did not as I feared, simply write fish all over my order book. Not that this would have been a bad thing as we were serving fish.

Tonight was our first restaurant practical, despite what we all thought we all weren't on these tow nights. I was in Group A and we worked by ourselves tonight. Four of us in total plus our supervising staff, and the kitchen crew of course.

Tomorrow night Groups B, C and D get to work and we all get the night off. They aren't as talented as us, that's why were Group A and get the customers to ourselves.

However I still need to finish off an assignment so I will have to go into school tomorrow after all. BOOO!!!

Then Friday I get to do the oh so thrilling, and much looked forward to breakfast shift. No, really I am looking forward to it, because once it's done it's done. And fortunately there is only one breakfast shift.

The Daft White Cat wasn't too impressed with my knowledge gathering excursion. I heard all about it when I came home, well just after I came home since he was actually sound asleep. Blissfully unaware of me coming in with all my bags of stuff.

I had better check and see what it is I am meant to be doing next week. As I am missing my knitting coven get togethers. Bill and I seem to be still getting on like a house on fire, Ted has been noticeably absent. Which is probably a good thing because he has those pants that the crotch is down around his knees and I just want to go over and grab the back of them and pull up. It irritates me to no end, I have my true grumpy old bag moments then.

Anyway my beloved readers, I am off to bed, the DWC is giving me the eyes and sitting on the desk sending me telepathic requests. Lets go to bed, I want to curl up on the blanket. Lets go to bed I want to sit on your hot water bottle. Lets go to bed I can bury myself under the covers next to your feet.

That last one has me beat, quite frankly at the end of the day I'd rather be far away from my feet. But cats are strange creatures, or at least all mine have been. One of them was a definite foot fetishist, wouldn't get up and sit in your lap, but he adored feet. He had to be as close as possible to them.

Ah well I'm of to bed to get some rest, busy day tomorrow. Actually I'm glad I don't ave to work tomorrow, it gives me plenty of time to do stuff during the day and the opportunity to get early to bed so I can be ready to report for work at 7am.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head who is not a morning person and is damn cranky because of it.


msfortuknit said...

Godspeed Sweet Suzi

Cathy said...

We miss you at the Knitting Coven meetings.

It looks like you are enjoying work (except the morning shifts) which is better than your previous position.


metal and knit said...

I hate mronings I might as well not go to sleep before just to be alert enough. I love late shifts.

Sharon said...

Yes there is a certain redhead that usually sits across from me at the knitting coven that I have missed lately :(

Did you know that I used to be a waitress in one of my previous jobs in a much previous life??

amanda j said...

I wasn't a waitress but did work for a certain yellow white and red clown for a time. Mornings were the pits! I still hate them!