Friday, July 14, 2006

So many good things and so few.

I have been so distracted, I have failed to blog about some of the more important knitting things that have happened.

My much coveted Tiger ayrn has long isnce arrived, very exciting! All the way from Germany. Unfortuantly Ms Stash dosen't have her borrowed camera so I can't take a picture of my lovely yarn to show you. However, the wonderful Sharon has a pair knitted up.

On my way home from class today I encountered the rabble that is other people's children, fortunatly their are a number of buses close together so I managed having to avoid traveling with a large number of them.
The hair cuts alone are enough to drive you mad! Being one of the last on the bus, the bus driver took off before I could even sit down and I odn't know what I did but my ankle has been sore ever since.

I met Ms Stash as I was dragging myself home, after deciding not to come and see her now I was all miserable but she espied me so I went to visit her and the Boy.
She was also brave enough to take my sock and shoe off for me, after I complained I had a fat ankle. Apparently it's not just fat, upon looking at it she also thinks there is a bruise coming up.
Now we just wait and see, either I'll wake up tomorow and it'll be fine or I'll wake up and it'll be even more hideous than now.

I guess there will be no excuse to not sit and knit this weekend, now all I need is something to watch. I've been re-watching everything I possess latley as there seems to be nothing but rubbish on tv. Rubbish!
Having re-seen St Trinians and the Train Robbery, I ma more than doubly determined ot find some more of this classic if nonsical series.

Also on the knitting front, I saw a new knit magazine while in the newsagent. Filati? Filata? It was only $9.95 and there looked to be quite a few copies there so I am going to go back next week and pick up a copy as it was full of things I loved. Which is more than I can say for the Creative Knitting which was the same price but no where near the same excitement level.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head in pain and damn unhappy.


stitchingpooh said...

new blogger here and curious how did you put the works in preogress graph its so cool. please let me know

amanda j said...

Oh, poor thing! On the watching front, why not revisit some classics from the video store. I have been enjoying some old favourites. It makes you realise how much crap there is out there.

2paw said...

I have one word for you: RICEW, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, Wine - that last one is mine. Frozen peas 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off. Those bus drivers can be hell on wheels!! Cool new knitting book, I will have to watch out for it!!! Happy Tiger Knitting!!!

metal and knit said...

mm sock yarn

hate public transport hate the fact the drivers either scream along the road or run into other things.

well rest up knit up and well i like the st trinians but need time to get thru the whole se of degrassi high some time so give me we awful sunday please knti and watch day

Sharon said...

You will have to rest that ankle, which of course will mean lots of knitting. Maybe on Tiger!!

Cindy got me the copy of Knitscene as she ordered an extra copy by mistake. She said that she got it from the Wool Shack, but as it is an Interweave publication I am sure that the newsagents who already sell Interweave Knits would be able to get hold of it. I am going to ask mine on Monday, I will keep you posted.