Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My loyal subjects!

I address you now to let you know I have not forgotton you or our plan to rule the world.

When the day comes and I am supreme ruler your loyalty and patience shall be remembered. However I fear I may have bit off more than I can chew. And I didn't once think those immmortal words "How hard can it be?"

I don't think I am quite cut out to be a food and beverage wench. Bar wenching I could handle, add food to the mix and it gets complicated. You have to know things!
I don't know I can explain menu's to people, or discuss wine choices. To me either it is drinkable or not. Which reminds me I discovered on a foray into a bottleshop that Hardy's produce their Merlot in 10 litre casks. Very pleasing.

Also you will all have to have black coffee's or flat white's, possibly a latte if your lucky or flat cappacino's. I'd advise the black it's going to be the least disappointing.

The Thrilling Adventures of Matt Hardy and Denny Crane are temporarily on hold, Matt needs to think about the meaning of good customer service and can't come out of the corner till he does.
I am his customer and I expect to be serviced promptly and politely regardless of personal meltdowns, hot blondes or crazy cranks, as would any of my customer's.
Do you think they are really interested if I am getting good customer service elsewhere? Or if they are going to get their drink promptly?
Now that is a hard one, can I have some thinking music please Bob?

"At the age of thirty-seven she knew she'd found forever
As she rode along through Paris with the warm wind in her hair ..."

Alright Bob, I'm going to go with the first option! What???? I'm wrong??? Aww!
Wait, there's a booby prize what do I get?
A Matt Hardy action figure? In a skull and cross bones top?!?!?!?! Perhaps not a complete loss then...


metal and knit said...

I'll be an easy customer a large scotch and some mints and chips please. Ill be fine if there is no poncy stuffs rather a brew in the pub with a pub or bistro meal followed by a scotch and after dinner mints

2paw said...

I just saw POTC2. Tick VG - 'Look, an undead monkey!!!!!!'
Let me say this - remember knobs?? Well now your booby prize takes on a whole new meaning for the Knitting Coven!!!!!
When will those customers learn to toe the line? You can be Basil, or like in Yes Minister, where the hospital runs really smoothly without patients!!!

Sharon said...

In a former life (pre kids)I was a waitress and it was the best of jobs and the worst of jobs all rolled into one.

amanda j said...

I could not be a waitress. I am too honest! Sales is not my thing - I managed a degree but could not pass a three month probation selling airline tickets. Hmm. Keep going, be strong!

msfortuknit said...

Sweetest darling Suzi-
I hope you are a super woman and dont sell yourself short! I mean look at this page that youve vreated! Its gorgeous!! And it the best of the best pages! Thank you for giving us a place to play love!