Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'll have what she's having!


Finally for the first time in weeks I made it to the covne meet-up. So exciting to see everybody again. But there was so much to talk about and so little time.
Some valuable knitting time was got in,drank a latte, ate a chocolate brownie which wasn't half bad, actually it was reasonably good.

Finally picked up a copy of the Filati knitting this afternnon after the meeting. It's put out by Lana Grossa and is a sumer edition so has lots of very cute little tops and wraps in it.

I'd like to take htis opportunity to lament the restrctions on becoming Renassionce Woman. While I would like tobe a an all spinning, all dyeing, all knitting and all crocheting. I just ahve the time, more's the pity. I will have to content myself with getting on top of my UFO's and mastering the art of crochet.

There is simply not enough hours in the day or enough money in my budget to indulge all my passions. However having said that I am getting a bit crafty with some fabric and velcro for a special project. That is all I will say for the moment as there is some more work to be done before all can be revealed......

Some discussion at the coven this afternoon has got me thinking. About deed polls and name changes, and how many peole hate their names. Maybe after my advanced wenchng (food as well as beverage service) course is over maybe I oculd reinvent myself? Nothing major, it's not like reinventing the wheel. Or is it??????

If you do change your name can you apply to have all oyur schoola nd educational certificates reissued in your new name? Or do oyu merely have to have accompyning proof with you when being interveiwed to show you are the person who got those results?
Hmmmmmmm....so many questions! And so many other quesitons! And projects and ideas and things to do!

Where will it end? Perhaps when I become Buffy! Buffy Summers! Or better yet Xena, yes I could pictue myself as a Xena.

Until next time,
Suzi (or possibly Buffy or possibly Xena)
A bona fide red head (or maybe blonde or brunette) who has to go and still the mind and do some actually more knitting - socks to finish!


2paw said...

Well, Chosen One Warrior Princess!!
I don't know what happens with the whole deed poll thing. I have pretty accepted my name - it's frivolous but not too bad. A Renaissance woman making things with Velcro and maybe PVC?? My mind boggles!!! I am making Friends' Elbows!!!
It was good to see you at the Knitting Coven today!!

msfortuknit said...

Im so glad that your in such a good humor Suzi! It sounds like you ladies had a fantastic eve! As for the tie between Buffy and Xena, cant you be both they are really super cool!


Sharon said...

A friends husband changed his first name by deed poll and as far as I know all his previous certificates etc. are in his original name. Not that this would cause too much problem as he dropped his first name and adopted his middle name.

I have dreams of being this crafty person in her own studio, doing all things fibre related!!!! (if only)

So great to catch up with you yesterday.

Cathy said...

Go check out this link that I got from Yarnharlot's blog.


It's something right that you should like being the she wench that you are.


amanda j said...

I have two names, one which I use when I want to sound grown up and the other one that I use day to day. My parents christened me one thing but neither of them have ever EVER called me this name! Wierd huh? Xena is cool, but you will have to spell it . . . "Yeah, X E N A - like the warrior princess! GOSH!"