Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What a day!

We had originally intended to try and organise a lunch at Smokey Joes since I had a rare day of freedom and missed out on last weeks coven meeting. But Smokey Joes was not to be as they don't appear to have opened yet in their new premises. SO I thought plan number two, I would take advantage of cheap tickets at the movies and go see the much advertised Pirates of the Caribbean 2.
Dosen't open till Thursday.

But to my delight I discovered X-Men 3 had not finished but was in it's final days. 10:30 this morning I was not at the cinema. 10:40 Miss Stash and I got to the cinema
And wouldn't you know it? The movie had actually started! No never ending preveiws!
I had planned to take some pictures of Matt's day at the movies to detract form the lack of knitting but that didn't go to plan, you can't take pictures of empty popcorn boxes in empty theatres with blank screens....Poor boy, if only he had relaised it was all a lure on my part to liberate him of his bandana!

So when we got home which was very quickly, something did not agree with me. I'm blaming the cinema popcorn. Matt and his new friend Captain Kirk (so he dosen't look a total Nigel) re-enacted their day's outing. Below is the humourous story. It is very amusing, and you will find it so or you will be shot.
Now that my stomache has settled I think I can safely dash to the corner store for a packet of rice.

"Denny Crane! Beam me up some popcorn Scottie!"

"Dude, I'm THE Matt Hardy! I'm not into sci-fi so I don't know who you are, or what your qouting at me because I didn't see the Lord of the Rings!"

"Denny Crane! What do you mean you don't know who I am? Denny Crane! I wasn't in Lord of the Rings - that was some other old guy! I'm Denny Crane I was in Star Trek you boob!"

All been distracted long enough? Good, Ms Stash when she went shopping was good enough to pick me up the new Simply Knitting with the free circulars. And the circulars turned out to be the size I keep meaning to buy so I can pick up the stitches on my Aran Earwarmer. There may be knitting progress yet.


Until next time,
A bona fide red head trying to distract people from her lack of knitting reports on her kniting blog.


amanda j said...

Poor Suzi. I hope you are feeling better. What a terrible day! Was the movie any good? And don't worry, Johnny is worth the wait.

2paw said...

Star Trekkin' across the Universe,
On the Starship Enterprise,
Under Captain Kirk!!
Star Trekkin' across the Universe,
Now Captain Kirk is Denny and
Maybe Matt's a berk!!!

A little song to cheer/not cheer you up!!
Love your live action drama!!! 'You boob!!' I laughed a lot at that!!! Oh and the special word verification word today is : DUD NRL!! Couldn't have put it better myself!!!!

metal and knit said...

Suzi you crack me up what a great script you put together.

and in the next episode on the darkside Matt takes revenge on the Captain.

hope you had a good day anyhow

Sharon said...

Missed you yesterday:( but saving yourself for Joe is so understandable!!

You little show above has made me laugh, I will be happy now for the rest of the day. I think further instalments will be required.

Fifi said...

This is what happens when I leave you alone with my Captain Kirk action figure!

Note: just because his clothes can come off doesn't mean they should. Send him home unmolested please.

MrsDrWho said...

Just when I thought i'd seen everything...here is evidence of a grown woman owning and playing with plastic action figures. How sad.
I get really really cross if anyone touches MY action figures. I baby sat some kids once and came in to find them using my Han Solo and Fox Mulder to shoot the sheep in the farm set...they werent allowed back in the house!!!!!!!!