Saturday, July 15, 2006

Good news!

Being laid up with my sore and still swollen ankle - fortunatly not bruised - Ms Stash came to visit me and keep me company. I actually got some more work done on the Sister Sock. Very exciting!

Since then I've logged on to finally look at the new Magknits and Knitty's that are up.

Nothing in Magknits really screamed make me now! The stuff was nice, but not I have to make it! Knitty on the other hand, I mean literally on the hand here, has inspired me and also a number of people I discovered while catching up on Punk Rock Knit Girls.

The Knucks are very cool, and seeing what others have done on the Knucks KAL has really inspired me. I was just looking at the Tiger Paws and Tabby Paws in the Yarn magazine earlier this afternoon thinking I would make some of those. Well I will be making a lot more as it now seems.

Other inspiring patterns I found while catching up on the PRKG was these socks and stockings. The wonderufl DIY Network site for Knitty Gritty, listing all the episodes so you can see hat htey all featured.
However back at Knitty I found these to add to my ever growing list of things to make - Carpathia, Reptilian Lace, Baudelaire, Swell and my two absolute faves from fab factor alone Allete and Lilies (my absolute fave flowers ever!).

I've also found a new web ring I've fallen in love with, The Bad Ass Knitters Webring. Bad ass aside, I am enamoured with their choice of buttons - which despite the name of the ring also cater for spinners and crochters.

To finish off, a little something I know Sharon will appreciate as well! Betty Boop herself x2.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head who will answer people's questions, I swear - alot! But it will be done.


metal and knit said...

Knucks look good and am tempted to have an obscence line on them F*&K OFF! as a security guard style. But they will have to wait till i get a tad more time up my sleeve

msfortuknit said...

Suzi your rock as always!!! Those Reptilian socks are the best they sort of look like spiders to me? And did you see severinas stocking? Boy can that doll knit!

Metal thats so funny that you would say that about putting fuck off on your knucks it was either Tawnyah, Sharon,Rachel,Suzi,O.Kitten, someone hahah that I had the same talk with! hahaah...

Suzi heres a sit you have to check out! Talk about adorable patterns!!!

Her stuff is wonderful!!
Hope you had a great day!

Sharon said...

Love the Betty graphs!! thanks Suzi.

I can't log onto our SnB site, but yes I love the idea of Smokey Joes take 2.