Saturday, July 16, 2005

Rock On!

Ah, I still haven't knitted anything. This is getting bad, my slump has come back with a vengance.

I hate everything or more to the point, nothing motivates me to knit. This is causing an overwhelming temptation to start something new. Something new! Something new!
But what?

I watched Prey for Rock & Roll last night, it was very funny a little sad in places but very very amusing. It's based on a rock musical by Cheri Lovedog. Never more in my life have I wanted to be a tattooed rock chick, and I hope I still do at 40.
Growing old disgracefully baby! Here's to it.

After some googleing I'm having some trouble coming up with anything concrete on Cheri Lovedog aside from various reveiws of the movie Prey for Rock & Roll, one interview with Cheri about it. I'm afraid she's a bit of a mystery woman.
But despite that I can't reccommend this movie enough it really is that good. Starring the very lovely Marc Blucas (played Reilly in Buffy - thankyou Cindy! I thought it was but wasn't sure.) as Animal (who was one of my fave Muppet's, but then I think he was most people's fave.) in his all tattooed loveliness. Yum!

Tonight is Balde Trinity and I will have the opptunity to see how talented Triple Z H is.

Until tommorrow,
A bona fide red head rock chick and damn proud of it.

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