Friday, July 01, 2005

Post Concert Post

Ah this will only be a short one tonight, but I did say I'd post afterwards. I did have a good time, I bought a tour t-shirt. Which is always an important factor in the equasion I'm sure.

It's the Dirty Diamnonds tour, and during the song of the same name Alice was throwing necklaces into the crowd at the front of the stage. Very cool, except for the fact that I was glued to my seat having a mini meltdown. But more on that tomorrow along with all the good bits and many highlights.

Right now, it still isn't very real. Like I'm not really sure I was even there - well I was there right up until Alice came on stage....Tommorrow all the details I promise!

But for tonight, because I know Sharon being the wicked woman that she is won't be able to wait to hear about poor Paris ( I have the comment to prove it!).
Poor Paris was chaseed by photographers, attacked by her own little dog and then fell and hurt herself trying to run away from the photographers because she'd got tired of posing. Poor Paris - don't you all feel sorry for her? Stop laughing Sharon!

Until tommorrow or is it tommorrow already?
A bona fide devil hat wearing red head and damn proud of it.


Katt said...

oooooooh cant wait to hear how it went!!


JoanM said...

Sounds like a great concert. Piccys of hat please

2paw said...

Saw the report in the paper. Looked for your hat!!! Alice looks just the same!!
Here is a link to the Vogue Knit 1 magazines - you can buy them here from the Wool Shack!!!

Sharon said...

Love the hat, poor Paris (hahahahaha) Glad you had a great time.