Sunday, July 10, 2005

I'm a Pirate.

I went to a 3-year olds birthday party at Hungry Jacks today. The joys of being an honarary Aunt.

I got a pirate invitation like the little boys that were invited, the 3yo mother didin't think I'd appreciate a fairy invite.

It was all cool I got to wear a Pirate hat, it turned out there was only one other pirate there. He was very young and very quiet. As all underling pirates should be.

I went to get serveittes twice actually, and both times the young people sitting at the table near by had a good look at me in my hat and had a snicker. Hmmmm....on the way out people stared at the hat as well.

What is wrong with the world when a woman can't wear a cardboard pirate hat at Hungry Jacks? Now I was going to have a rant about these people. Then it occured to me it'd be unfair to ridicule those less fortunate than me.
Clearly being repressed as they are they can't be enjoying life very much.

And Cindy as a follow up to Vogue Knit One Issue Two - the green jacket was very cool but the one that really took my fancy was the ankle length jacket in the Urban Cowgirls section. And I think the vaudville "strippers" if it's the one I saw was called Velevet Hammer. That was pretty cool. I wouldn't mind seeing that again.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head pirate and damn proud of it.


Cathy said...

Don't worry about other people as I thought the pirate hat looked cool. (I have the photos to prove it)


2paw said...

Yes. that's it, Velvet Hammer, it was repeated about 2 months ago.
I was dazzled by the green things and paid scant attention to the others - a fatal flaw!!
My friend's son (4) went to town in his Superman costume, inbuilt muscles and all, and people smiled indulgently at him. Apparently once you get much older than that you are officially weird!!!

2paw said...

Dear Suzi, Aunty Captain Mrs Archer emailed me today from school and directed me to get the Fibonacci Jumper from her house to take tomorrow. I think she wants me to go so she can taunt me with having internet friends. I have to go to the dentist and I have maths helping to do, but I am determined to come. Thank you for the reminder, I might have vacillated otherwise!!!!

Sharon said...

I hope to be an old woman still acting up and having fun one day, life is way too short to be serious :)

Katt said...

I dont know what peoples problems are! The hat was classy!