Sunday, July 03, 2005

Alice Cooper Wrap Up Part One.

I know this is later coming than I originally planned. But here it is now and in two parts to boot. I didn't think it would be so long!

Friday night my mother dropped me at the Silverdome and I'm walking up to the main entrance and all these people are giving me odd looks.
I'm looking at these people thinking "What? It is an Alice Cooper concert, just because some of us made an effort and didn't turn up looking like we realised we were out of milk and went to the supermarket and got lost."

I lined up to buy my t-shirt, after I realised most of the people standing around were doing just that, I hate that! Because you’re never sure where the line ends and I'm loathe jumping in anywhere lest I should stand in front of someone else.
While I was waiting at the counter to get served and getting a much better view of the t-shirts and listening with amusement as the lady working behind the counter had the exact same conversation twice about the "ladies" t-shirts with two different couples one right after the other.
To me these t-shirts looked like they might be child size, but apparently they were made out of something fairly stretchy but even then they didn't stretch a whole lot (I saw this demonstration twice too) and both times the ladies in question opted for a normal t-shirt. Then I noticed the guy standing next to me was in all black with an Iron Maiden jacket. Now that is more like it!

It was my turn to be served, I'm standing there money in hand because by now I've fully decided which t-shirt I'm gonna get and the lady comes over to serve me and I say to her "I want that one." and point with my hand that doesn’t have the money in it. So the lady turns around picks one up from the shelf marked extra large, checks the tag and then unfolds it on the counter and says to me "This is the extra large."
"I'll take it" hand with the money in it outstretched, the lady serving me has given me the once over and gone "Are you sure?"
Noooooo, I'm just saying yes and waving money at you because I'm not sure.

After purchasing the t-shirt, I made my way to my seat. This required some difficulty because at first I couldn't decipher which end had the door I was supposed to go through. I'm walking backwards and forwards through the main entry and I've noticed this guy staring at my head. Hmmm, just to test it I went back past again. I think it may have been the hat.
After finding my door, the easiest part of getting to my seat I then had to go downstairs to get to my seat because I was in the fourth row up from the flat - here for some reasons the heels on my boots seemed to have suddenly grown and didn't shrink till I reached the wooden steps the row before my mine.

Upon reaching this row an usher was on the step below me and she asked me if I was alright. I decided to pretend as if I actually had some class and that I had been looking for row letters and not merely struggling to get down the steps.
I brandished my ticket at her and announced to everybody in the near vicinity "I AM LOOKING FOR ROW G"
I thought I'd attempt to pull off an upper class attitude, everybody knows their eccentric and bossy.

The usher checks my ticket and points to the row she's standing at the end of and says "This is your row here, your seat is about halfway along the numbers are on the backs of the seats."
I start heading along the row checking numbers, I can see this middle age couple already sitting in the row about three-quarters of the way along, I'm continuing along checking numbers and I have this suspicion.....yep, my seat is right next to this middle-age couple. I can't really tell you what the look on their faces was it was hard to distinguish. They may have been amused, perplexed, worried or all of the aforementioned.
I've looked at the seat looked at my ticket, looked back at my seat and then looked at this couple. The woman smiled at me so I smiled back and that was our only interaction throughout the whole night.
On my other side I had these two guys who din's even speak to each other, they left after Billy Thorpe and never came back so I moved over a seat after Alice had started figuring I'd just move back when they came back. But they never did.

While waiting for Billy Thorpe to start I did some people watching. Clearly all the interesting people buy tickets for the seating on the flat, although one of the couples pictured in the Saturday Examiner, not the one with the top hat had seats on the other side of the middle aged couple I was next to.
All the interesting looking people, lots of Iron Maiden and AC/DC t-shirts, a few Alice concert t-shirts and lots of Goths and another guy in top hat and tails (not the top hat wearer from the Examiner).

Onwards and upwards, Billy Thorpe started and was very excellent. Well not too excellent to start with, at first there was music and he was singing something, what he was singing wasn't very clear. The start of his set seemed to involve a lot fiddling by all members of the band with their equipment. NO! Not that kind I know someone will ask.....
Towards the end of Billy's set the silent men on my left, the one sitting next to me got a camera out and took a couple of pictures.

After Billy finished, there was like intermission and a mass exodus as everybody went off in search of???? I think the bar was a popular choice looking at what most people carried back to their seats.
During this time the front of the stage started filling up, on stage a bunch of guys we're running around moving equipment either taking it away or putting new stuff out.
I started an internal debate with myself if I would lug all my stuff (bag, jacket, t-shirt) down there or if I'd just stay where I was and not lug sny stuff down there.
Then I cursed myself for not paying for a second ticket and bringing a baggage wrangler i.e someone to mind my stuff.
By the time I had this out I realised unless I moved faster than Superman (not likely to happen in my shoes) I wasn't going to get a good spot and I'd have to try and peer over other people, ah the joys of being short.
That pretty much solved that.

The really noisy and probably very happy people mostly seemed to be right up the back, at this point yelled "We want f'n Alice!"
Okay so we didn't get Alice, but I was amused. And going by the amount of laughter so were quite a number of other people.
The place started to fill back up again, sort of. The firont of the stage got awful crowded and the seats around me and to the front started to be occupied again.
Then the lights went out, the entire place went off, and then.......

Part Two tommorrow! And all about the Great Man himself.

Until tommorrow,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


Sharon said...

Looking forward to part two.

Katt said...

I am looking forward to part 2 too!


2paw said...

How can you leave us in suspense for so long???????? I want to read about what you thought of Alice!!!