Monday, July 25, 2005

An Important Message For My Fellow Local SNB'ers!


Tomorrow, due to some scheduling problems with the venue that can not be named in conjunction with Stitch n' BITCH I have approached the ABC to see if the offer still stands of us going to them.

They seemed very enthusiastac about it, we would be more than welcome. However due to the fact that I need to get there from work we've moved the time, WE WILL NOW MEET AT 1PM.

I still like to see as many as possible there, I can't form a circle by myself. When I spoke to them on Thursday they we're very keen to get a picture of us all sitting in a circle knitting, so better come prepared with some WIP. I presume if there's a picture they obvioulsy want to talk to us about our knitting and the group, if so out of respect for our unnamebale prior venue can we try and keep them unnamed. Even if we don't meet-up there again, I still have to work with these people.

Does everybody know where to find our local ABC? They are at 45 Ann Street, next to the butchers up by St George's Square. If your involved with the scouts, you probably know the Harry Abbot Scout Hall is you'll be set as that fronts on to one side of ST George's Square.

Okay, hopefully this will find you all in time, those of you whose numbers I have I will try and call to make sure you've got the new details if I don't? Put it this way if you know how to get in touch by phone with one of our fellow SNB'ers a quick phone call might be in order to get the word around.
If anybody does arrive at the shop I'll re-direct them, provided they aren't too late. I can always leave instructions before I leave.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible tomorrow, at the ABC, 45 ANNE STREET, one side of St Georges Square, at 1PM!



Sharon said...

see you there Suzi.

Katt said...

Yep I will see you there too!