Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I want a tea cosy, I know what it is.

I thought I would start off today having a whinge but feared it would make me seem a bit too much like one of the current Big Brother housemates.

So instead I thought I would talk about some cool new things I didn’t talk about yesterday because I was putting together that incoherent ramble about Alice Cooper. I’ll try to re-edit it later this week and see if I can’t get it to make more sense.

The new Knitty is up and this issue is The Man Issue. I’ll admit I was wary about this issue, it’s very hard to find good patterns for guys out there. No end of hip, cool and very trendy women’s patterns, but something you could knit and a male would actually wear? Aside from a very plain dark hat….
Trust me on that one. I mightn’t have any to knit for myself, but I sell enough hats to men to know what they will and won’t wear.

Although I sometimes wonder if this isn’t based on choosing something that the female companion didn’t point out as nice.

Back to Knitty’s new issue. I’m very enamoured with a pair of gloves someone has designed for their husband when he’s outside smoking so he’s first three fingers of the glove are like a fingerless pair and the last two are like a normal glove.
Smoking aside, that’s not too daft an idea. As an avid user of public transport early in the morning I don’t think so anyway.

I noticed my local Harris Scarfe store now seem to be stocking yarn; I saw a display in their window as I was walking past yesterday. It looked to be mostly feathers, clearly there not out to bring anything new to the market then.

Also yesterday I finally went inside Fancy Shoes, I’d been past a couple of times but they weren’t open. Yesterday I went in and had a look. Now, I love shoes - but boots even more. Especially with REALLY high heels! Absolutely adore them, they consume even more of my life than Matt Hardy and knitting put together.

I’m also a huge fan of faux fur and anything animal print.
What do you think I found in Fancy Shoes?

High heeled boots made out of faux animal print fur! Pure heaven! And they felt really nice too; I haven’t got brave and asked to try them on yet because that’d be fatal. I’d have to buy them then.
That’d detract from yarn buying, I know I’m still on my diet, but it’s nearly finished which is more than I can say for my UFO’s.
And besides the diet has like most diets after a period of time, mutated, and with the inclusion of other people’s ideas for doing it I came up with the plan I’d donate to charity the equivalent that I spent on yarn.
And it’s working, mainly because I can’t afford to spend large amounts on both. Unfortunately.

In the great land of UFO’s, I picked up a tea cosy I’d long abandoned and did six rows on Saturday night, after that everything slowed down because I took back the next three rows too many times. It’s been momentarily put aside again.

Following on from that I will end with a quote form Buffy another awesome chick with pointy sticks.
“I want a room with a chair, a fire and a tea cosy. I don’t know what a tea cosy is but I want one.”

Until next time,
A bona fide high heel wearing red head and damn proud of it.


Cathy said...

I thought the cigar gloves in Knitty were great for the smoking gent.

I may have to knit some and put them in the shop.

But then again when do I get the time to knit more gloves for the shop?


Sharon said...

It is interesting that Harris Scarfe are stocking yarn again, I wont rant on your blog I will post on our SnB about it. I love Knitty, I hadn't realised the new one was out.

2paw said...

I miss Buffy!!! - KMart has the 1/2 seasons on sale for about $23 today. I still need season 5 Angel-but no luck.
I like : If the Apocalypse comes - Beep me!!!!
I love my Buffy Diary.
SMG is being Alice in the new 'edgy' adult Alice in Wonderland movie. I saw her husband in Boston Legal last week too...
New shoe shop!!!???!!!!
Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey and
Peri naughty

ttbookjunkie said...

I thought the satchel was great from the new knitty and I will more then likely make one. I love bags.