Wednesday, July 13, 2005

New Yarn! New People! New Books!

I am very excited because today I received some new Recycled Sari yarn I bought on eBay. I am very excited, apart form the fact that it has a bit of a funk. Hmmm, I'm hoping that will go when I wash the skeins.

I did some research and I gather washing your yarn in its skein, before winding it by hand, is the way to go . It's very beautiful looking. I got a black with flecks of red, bronze and grey - very awesome! And a blue with green and white flecks, which my sister assures me is going to look so good with my hair colour.
We'll see, I am a black kind of girl normally.

And on to more disappointing things, many of you my dear readers will be familiar with my beloved Matt Hardy. Even it's only from my mad ramblings here on my blog, but I am sad to say my beloved Matt Hardy will be just Matt Hardy for some time to come while I decide if he's going to be my beloved again.

Matt Hardy turned up someplace I never thought hoped to see him, if not ever then not in the near future.
Now I am going to have to sulk for a certain period of time. During this time I will wear the Devil Hat or the Pirate Hat, or possibly both at once.
Then I may make an effigy, if I do then I shall stick it full of knitting needles. After which I will possibly burn it, or just keep it propped in the corner for the cats to play with.
Then and only then will I have the answer and come out of my sulk.

I probably shouldn't have told him I thought he was becoming an obnoxious drunk, arrghh! At least Alice Cooper didn't disappoint - LIVE IN MY HOME TOWN! Why can't a girl have everything?

I am so excited about my new yarn! I am thinking of making a poncho pattern that was in the second last Creative Knitting. I just have to locate a 16mm crochet hook and learn to crochet.
I'm soooooo looking forward to the challenge!

Yesterday was my local SNB meet-up and I finally got to meet Cindy! Now I get to put a face to a name, and she was absolutely lovely and wearing green and knitting green socks (Cindy wears green like I wear black).
She also made these really nice little lemony morsels that YUM!!! Cathy did afternoon tea for our meet up yesterday - more YUMMY things. I did like the savoury toast, I heard something about chilli so that must have been it.

Cindy also brought along the new book Stitch N' Bitch Nation by Debbie Stoller. How exciting! I've been to my local and helpful bookstore and put an order in for a copy of my very own. I need to make something new, cool and unusual. I have to make ALLIGATOR MITTENS!

On that note I will leave you, I'm going to get my half done tea cosy out and look at it. And think about it. And possibly work on it. Then maybe I'll watch Resident Evil: Apoclypse, nothing like Milla kicking undead butt to make a girl feel motivated.
The fact that my truly fave thing about this movie is the Nemesis, is a bit scary because he's been getting rather more attractive every time I watch it. Have I seen it too many times?

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

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