Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Devil Finds Work For Idle Hands.

Has anybody else seen the new English knitting magazine Simply Knitting? I saw the first issue and went back today to buy it, only to find it gone and the second issue out. I bought the second instead, I quite like the patterns. Really like the denim look stuff, there was a bit too much how-to begining stuff for my liking. A basic guide is one thing, pages and pages of it is another.

I've almost finished the heel on my first sock ever! My first sock ever! Took me two years to reach this stage but I'm still highly impressed, other people who have been knitting socks for years will probably think I'm mad. I think these are one of the best kept secrets in knitting. They are that easy to do.

However the completion of the sock is about to go on hold in honour of my outing to see Alice Cooper. I am commencing a new project. If it all goes pear shaped I shall never speak of it again and I hope you will extend me the same courtesy.

If agreed, you may read on to discover what this magnificent memento will be. If not, what are you doing on my blog? I don't like difficult people.

I went into my local Spotlight today to get the right size needles for this new project. 4.5mm circulars and double points, $7.00 and $6.50 a piece. Almost $14 just for the needles for this project! Which is making it kind of pricey already.
And some yarn, Patons Zhivago, which is on special at the moment, I got the colour Ruby. Do you know what it is yet?

I am making a Devil Hat! It's a basic hat more or less with simple horns added on top and with pointy tails coming off the ear flaps. I'm using the pattern from Stitch N' Bitch by Debbie Stoller. The pattern also includes instructions for making a Kitty Hat - basically the Devil Hat but with kitty cat ears instead of horns. My sister is making one out of a dark grey not quite charcoal Angora Supreme and it looks good!
The pattern is available on the net as well for the Devil Hat or at least it also had it in baby size. Very appropriate. I've had a slight malfunction with my bookmarks - they kind of disappeared. Not through any fault of my own you understand I'm sure.
Arrgh! I'll look it up and post it later for you all.

I hope to have it finished in time for the Alice Cooper concert, of all the things that came out of that box when Pandora opened it, the worst was Hope. It has a lot to answer for.

I've temporarily put aside plans to knit a tight sweater with no sleves for Matt Hardy and am now considering a Devil Hat for him since he's become the Angelic Diablo. Very fun sounding isn't it? Matt should have a devil hat to wear when he's feeling - um.....devilish?

But then I thought about Matt Hardy compared to Alice Cooper. It looked a little like this....

Image hosted by

Hmmmmmm. I think Matt may have a lot to learn. One of Alice's daughters is playing Paris Hilton in this tour, apparently in the last tour she played Britney and not nice things happened to Britney. Awww, I would have liked to have seen that!

Until next time,
A bona fide red head who's knitting like a fiend and damn proud of it.


Cathy said...

Them damn needles are a bit expensive aren't they?

Can't wait to see pickies of the devil hat.


Sharon said...

Love the see saw. Not nice things happening to Paris Hilton.....mmmmmmm.......HAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHAHA........that will be so good [nasty streak in Shazza there;)]