Sunday, June 19, 2005

What have I been up to?

Well I've finished a small child i.e toddler size scarf making that project 12 done! Only 8 more to go - how long has it taken me? Longer than I'd originally planned but I think I was underestimating the speed or should I say slow at which I knit.
Ah, well the MSF (or Doctors Without Borders) and The Wilderness Society have done well out of me. As well as some local charitys such as ST Vincent's De Paul and the CWA International Tsunami Fundraiser. Buying yarn from charity automatically cancels it out as I've already given money. Unfortunatly there's been a temporary lull in yarn donations to my local charity shops although I think it is picking up now. Around about this time of year a lot of cupboards get cleaned out.

I've been working on the sock since Friday night and today I've finally finished the ribbing. What took so long? Do you knit that slow? Yes I knit that slow and I'm on 2mm needles. Which I acquired in a bundle of needles I picked up off a market stall and they've been knocking about ever since. They are plastic so at first and still a little bit now it's like trying to knit with a couple of pieces of uncooked spaghetti. But now the rib is over I can move up to the 2.75mm which are metal. Yeah!

I was some time ago going to knit myself a Harry Potter scarf, well I am still going to knit it. Once the yarn diet is over I am going to buy enough wool and knit it up. I'll include the link for the original pattern I was going to use here but I will also include the new Lion Brand pattern for the HP scarfs. Lion Brand had this to say about their pattern "Scarves shown are designed to be made at moderate cost for costume use and casual wear. They are not exact replicas of those shown in the Harry Potter movies from Warner Bros., which use approximately 7 times as much yarn!"

Of course if your inspired by Harry Potter knits, you can find a range of patterns inspired by the movies here.

Knitting aside - my other fave topic. No it's not chocolate. Or impractical shoes. Although I love both of those. It's Matt Hardy. The Man himself is launching his own reality internet show. Having seen the trailer for it I am intrigued, amused and left wondering about the spanking. Nobody panic! Everybody was fully clothed! I gather from what I can find out the lady giving the spanking was a daughter of one of Matt's father's friends who'd he'd met for just the first time that day.
They do live in rural North Carolina, maybe it's a local custom there to spank your host upon meeting them for the first time (or everytime?), if so I think I may have to pay a visit or move there they seem like my kind of people.
The kind who would appreciate fabulous but impractical shoes and sharp pointy sticks. I'm off to knit myself a magic carpet so as to fly my way there.

Until next time,
A bona fide impractical shoe wearing red head and damn proud of it.

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Cathy said...

I agree that 2mm needles are like knitting uncooked spaghetti.

I think that I can sort my new acquisition myself but there may be a few pattern books at the next S'n'B meeting for those present to go through.