Monday, June 27, 2005

A Happy Knitter

I am not.

I sat down last night and knitted till nearly 11pm, I only gave up then because the number of stitches left on the hat required me to change to double points. Which I lent my sister so she could finish her kitty hat. Which she hasn't finished. Now I'm in a crank because I wanted the hat done by today so I could do the ear flaps tonight and tomorrow, the horns on Wednesday and have Thursday in case something went wrong and I needed more time to fix it.

At this rate it'll be Friday and I'll be madly trying to finish it. Arrghh!

Yes, it's this Friday! It's so close and I am so excited! Also exciting is Batman - I go tomorrow. Cathy's son has been and apparently it's quite good. I was watching the trailer online yesterday and I must say it looks good. Tomorrow afternoon! If I'm this excited about the new Batman movie, what will I be like by Friday?

I'll have to work on something else until I can finish the hat....oooo - what will I choose? I'm at a loss, I suppose I could finish the heel on the sock, it's almost half done then. Just have to finish the foot and the first sock ever is done!

The knitting drought is over and I am moving onto more exciting projects! I am actually thinking of joining this Knit Along - Neoknitterstitchnbitch · Stitch N' Bitch Knit-a-long.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

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2paw said...

Dear Suzi, I am always finishing the last bit of things - button, hems etc as I am going out the door!! I bought Issue 2 of Simply Knitting and I went back and asked the newsagent if they could get #1 for me - I'm not holding my breath, but if they do you can borrow and photocopy to your heart's content. Have fun at Alice Cooper... I'm hoping to see Batman Begins on Thursday. I loved Christian Bale in Reign of Fire!!!