Monday, June 20, 2005

Tonight's the Night!

First off a big thankyou to Cindy, Sharon (and surprisingly my mother) for telling me about Alice Cooper on Enough Rope tonight. I'm wildly excited and looking forward to it! My mother also told me she saw Alice was going to be on one of the travel shows this week giving a tour of his hometown. Hmm I'll have to watch out for that one.

The sock is progressing nicely, tonight I plan to do the heel. It's done with short rows which sound easy. This is probably a sign of bad things to come. Anything I look at and think How Hard Can It Be? always turn out to be an absolute nightmare that I shout at.
I'm sure all knitters shout at their knitting at some point - some of them even write letters to it. Yes that was Yarn Harlot, she was having trouble with a sweater she was working on.

Now that Batman Begins has opened I'm making plans to go see it, probably one afternnon next week when I'm free. I'm thinking Tuesday because it's half price. I'm very excited to see how this one turns out because I loved the original two Batman movies ( I can rememeber when the first opened it can't have been 20 years? If not, very close to it.) they we're a bit dark and not all around nice. The third and fourth lost some of the darkness and became more Happy Meal material.

Until next time,
A bona fide batty redhead and damn proud of it.

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