Sunday, June 26, 2005

Nobody Panic!

I had a minor crisis yesterday when I discovered my seed stitich was in fact rib - seed stitch - rib and had to undo all my hard work and start the brim of my Devil hat again.

It's all good now and I've started on the stocking stitch I'm hoping to make it to the first round of decreases tonight, then I'll be so much closer to finishing it.

Tuesday I'm going to see Batman Begins! I am very excited, I love Batman. He's always been my fave Superhero only one who's close to take his top spot would be wolverine from the X-Men cartoons - I love Hugh Jackman and all but the cartoon Wolverine seems to have more attitude.

Speaking of heros, the very delectable Matt Hardy. Something fishy is afoot, fish go off real quick and smell.....

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.

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Cathy said...

DS went to see Batman Begins and really enjoyed it.

That !$%^&*(()& scarf is finished. May see you tomorrow.