Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My heart is black. My soul is dark. And I'm cold!

The darkness of the soul is not lighted by moving the body to another place. - Eastern Proverb

But despite this I managed to achieve a minor plumbing feat, by myself, last night and now I have slightly cleaner water. Yes, I have figured out how to fit my on tap water filter. It was originally my mother's but my father couldn't follow the instructions and declared it was impossible, so it sat in its box waiting to be liberated.

Now that I have cleaner water, I am marginally less of a crank. Just marginally. I blame my crank moments on the weather, it's as good as excuse as any.

After this small but incredible achievement and working some more on my Drop Stitch Scarf today and thinking about how fortunate I am, I decided it's time I was less of an uncharitable bitch and more of a charitable one.
In this effort I will smile at people even if they aren't paying customers, even if they are one of these people who look at half the contents of the shop and not buy anything.

I will be grateful that I have clean water (or water at all), that I have a soon to be finished scarf to keep me warm and a job that means I have to smile at non-paying customers.
Wait a minute, maybe my new charitable resolve can wait another day or hundred days.....

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