Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Devil Hat of DOOM!

The hat is DOOM!

I knew it, I should have left well alone when I those five little words popped intp my head - "How hard can it be?"
Why didn't I leave well alone?

I finished knitting the cap part of the hat last night, it looks fantastic and I love it. This was so the colour to make a devil hat from Zhivago in the shade Ruby.
I was in my bathroom trying to put safety pins into the hat where I wanted my horns as suggested by the pattern when the phone rang. It was my mother telling me that the craft get together we go to on a Wednesday was cancelled.
Instead of picking up stitches to start knitting the first flap on the side of my hat I attempted to figure out how I was supposed to pick up stitches from the top of my finished hat - 15 in total for each horn.

I've got a friend coming to visit me this afternnoon I think I may just fling the hat at her and say fix it! At this rate I'll have a half finished hat for Friday. Devil hat is not a devil hat if it dosen't have horns - it's just a hat with flaps!
The flaps may wait, I hate I-Cord with a vengence.

I know I talked about the SNB knit along the other day and I have joined up. I can't wait to get going on it, this month (June) was the Coney Island Scarf. A little late even for me to start one now, I can't wait to see what they pick for July.
Another really cool one I'm thinking of taking up is one Cathy told me about, and I read Sharon is taking it on as well, is the UFO's Anonmoyus.
Yes, I know I have far too many UFO's it really is time for some finishing. Maybe someone will inspire me, no wait Cathy might just nag me....

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


JoanM said...

Hi Suzi,
I will join you up in the net ring. If you would like to join the blog too let me know
Best wishes

JoanM said...

Me again,
Your blog title is not showing up on the ringsurf list.
Could you resubmit your application?

Cathy said...

Nag, nag, nag.

Is that enough to get your A into G.

UFO Anon is inspirational and it really works. I have finished 2 things. (But I have started one of those things and another since I joined.) *Smack fingers*


Sharon said...

Yeah come on board Suzi.

JoanM said...

The name of your blog has shown up now in ring surf now