Monday, June 06, 2005

Ding Ding! Darkside Station everyone out!

I picked up the new Creative Knitting today, and I know it has at times got a bum wrap but I quite liked this issue. Another magazine with a new issue is Spun - their summer issue is out. Yes I know Summer they are based in the Northern Hemisphere.

I love the Rainbow Hot Pants! Very cool and also on the very cool list is another sari silk project I love getting more ideas for that stuff.
But what I really liked was the bag made out of plastic shopping bags, my sister accumlates enough to make multiples of these bags.

I love a good murder with my knitting and to suit the cold weather I am enduring I think it only apt that tonight's murder will be on Cold Case. But another murder to soon go with knitting is a murder mystery called Knit One, Kill Two by Maggie Sefton. Knitter's Review have a review up for it, can't wait till it washes up on our shores.

My highlight for tonight so far was answering the door to the pizza boy who told me that I had made a good choice because his favourite was Pepperoni Lovers as well. I am very excited, but I realise dear readers that your probably all off doing exciting things and leading that mysterious thing called a life while I am rapt about ordering the pizza boy's fave topping. It's the little things that count, now if only Matt Hardy would deliver himself to my door......


ttbookjunkie said...

I like the journal cover too, and the convertable poncho. That Knit One Kill Two sounds like it is intertesting, I will have to check it out.


2paw said...

I managed to find the Creative Knitting too, I want the cardi on the front, but changed to suit me!!! Now I have to look for the Spun magazine which I had never heard of before. Not that I am a hot pants wearer now, but I did have some the first time around, though I was banned from wearing them to Mass, even with their matching wrap around semi-skirt thing. They were hot pink,Ahh, memories!!!

Cathy said...

Oh yea!!!!!! Pizza!!!!!!

Just finished a Roast Garlic and Olive Supreme from the big D's.

It was really yummy too.


shell said...

We had pizza tonight too. It was a pepperoni one. Mcain Pizza Perfection lol I was too lazy to even dial the pizza shop. I can't wait till the book comes to Oz I'll definitely race out and buy it. Thanks for the heads up! :)