Saturday, December 23, 2006

But why is the shrotbread gone?

Went ot Oatlands today to catch up with the rellies. Got burnt, am all purple-red with white blotces on my arms, fortunatly I was wearing my hat. Sandra D gave away all my shortbread, so now I only have left what is int he fridge waiting to be rolled out and cooked.

I made the sausage rolls and the litle egg and ham quiches yesterday, all cooked up ready, didn't get th mini apple pies int he oven, so will do them tomorrow as well as the last of the shortbread dough. White Christmas, simplest of all really was easily fixed up. Everything seems to have been successful so far!

Now it's time I whipped something up for dinner, something highly unexciting I am sure. Probably out of a tin.


Anonymous said...

I have tagged you for the 6 weird things meme

sounds like your got the same jobs as me head chef. I have the meats done for tomorrow and now its the gingerbread men. If i lived closer id swap some gingerbread for your shortbread.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! I am about to continue my cooking, just procrastinating. Must remember it is the season of giving - lots of food in my case!