Monday, December 04, 2006

Share and Tell

Well I survived today my first time alone and allowed out with the real custoemrs unsupervised.
Not as boogelly as I htought and I actually knew what some wanted and could fix it.

I see the new MagKnits is up with some awesome scarves! I like scarves.

My Family starts again this Wednesday on the ABC, I do like it. SUSAN!!! Snarf snarf!

Bones is on tonight? No Crimainal Minds? And did anybody else see the new FBI profiler thing last night, I watched half but went to bed because I had an early start today.

Went to Hobart on the weekend, and finally made progress on the Whitewater Wristwarmer, yeah! I'm about 6 rows away from startign the thumb and then that pretty much marks the half way mark! Almost finished! An finished pair!!

Time for soup. I have been eating my way thorugh alot of the Velish Butternut pumpkin, dosen't quite remind me of my pumpkin soup which is beautiful! But it fills a hole and is immensely satisfying.

Unitl next time,


Anonymous said...

Well done! I knew you could do it!

2paw said...

"Hello, can I help you?" How exciting!!! I knew it wouldn't be boogelly!! I love the garter stitch scarf. I do love Susan!! She is just a bit eccentric, but my favourite is Stupid Nick. I love him!!
Yes, I recorded The Inside because it had Jayne from Firefly!! They only made 20 episodes. There's a good synopsis on Wiki.
I am having lettuce and Red Kelly dressing for my tea, and a packet of peppermint LifeSavers. I wonder if they will work?

metal and knit said...

Well done and I have survived a day in 12456 call connect. Pumpkin soup I only like the real home made stuff not the tinns and never the box or cuppa soup type.

Jana said...

Oh-some of the new Magknits stuff looks awesome! Way to go with the job stuff!

Sharon said...

Well done on going solo :)