Saturday, December 16, 2006

I stand before you today....

for the purpose of writing a bitter diatribe about pay tv. First they tried to buy up all the sport, not that I really care, I don't watch it, but I am affronted on behalf of people who do want to watch it.

Now, they have bought up the good cooking shows, the much anticipated new Nigella series's. Both the new 3-part Christmas special Nigella's Christmas Kitchen and the new series to go with the book Feast.
While unfortunatly, the Christmas special is next week, and I highly doubt I'll have pay tv by Monday. I console myself with the fact that I can probably by Febuary when Fest is due to air probably have it. Provided I don't get stuck with a gaziollion channels I don't won't for the next billion years.

Curse pay tv! How dare it! Cads and bounders! Now I'm off to find something cold to cool myself down with. Nice cool drink of some sort.

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msfortuknit said...

blow it up itll make you feel better. At least for a minute! hahaah