Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Today's the big day and how is everybody fairing? So far I have had my martini and Frank Sinatra and opened my pesents, of particular note is the 3rd season of 21 Jump Street which Ms Stash gave me. Oooooooooo!!!!!

Second of note is the bag, it may be familiar to my fellow knitters - the 12:01 from MagKnits. Very nice! Very nice indeed. I suspect I know the elf behind that one...

Alas no Matt Hardy under the Christmas tree, clearly I shall have to have words with Santa in time for next year and a well placed donation perhaps????

I think there will be Gingerbread Muffins this morning, I could be wrong. They still need to be made, and I think I am making them???

Dispensed with the Apricot and Port Glaze for Roast Turkey and instead this year will be making a Cherry and Port Sauce to serve with it.

Below is the six weird things, those I have tagged!!! Looking forward to your six weird things. Merry Christmas!


2paw said...

Sounds a perfect day!!! BTW I think I will need more than 6 weird things for me!! I may need 60!!!

Jana said...

Merry Christmas Suzi! Frank Sinatra and a martini! Rock on! Very classy! I'm going to post your meme probably today or tomorrow. I love meme's, I get stuck in blogger writers block and they give good ideas!

msfortuknit said...

Happy chrismahanakawanzaka angel baby! Belated ofcoursze!

Anonymous said...

Suzi, the January MagKnits it out. I like the Holy Cables best.