Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Housewife's desperate or otherwise....

The lovely Ms Fortuknit, sent me this link and upon having a sticky beek around the main site I have to declare I Love It! And I am so going to have bag myself some of those grocery bags! And do you know what other treasure I discovered while there??? A new knitting book! (I want you to think NEW CAR on a game show when you read that bit dear readers.) I think I may have to treat myself to a copy for Christmas, direct form the author and I can have it personally signed. Now there's a thought, and you know I am so worth that effort.

I have one Christmas present left to buy, and that is for the difficult Ms Stash, who doesn't like anything. So you can guaranty to get it wrong everytime. Having said that I won't be buying her a bath mat.

Then all I have to do is do some Christmas cooking on Friday, to finish off the last of the Christmas presents for everyone else. After much debate and the apparent turn out of the fact I am the only one who eats fruit mince pies, I won't be making fruit mince pies after all. Bah! However I will be making Nigella's mini apple pies from Feast. Let you all know how that turns out after. Speaking of Nigella and Feast the beautiful Jana led me to this sumptious goodie form Nigella Hungarian Sandwich.
I made one last night, only mine was light cream cheese (what would Nigella say?) and blackberry jam on bakery white bread. Not bad, I must look out some dark rye, haven't had it in ages, as it used to be nice with jam.

You know what would be helpful if I didn't have a daft white cat rolling on my keyboard, causing that irritating beeping sound and the screen to flicker madly. Oh and also if he didn't keep unplugging my internet after being removed form the keyboard would also be helpful.

Friday I'm also whipping up some more White Christmas, some sausage rolls and some much anticipated shortbread! No cake as of yet, maybe Saturday? Helped Sandra D make coconut ice on Sunday along with some Brandied Fruit. I'll try and get both recipes posted for anyone who's interested, and also the bean dip! My cook book has come back to me at long last.

How bad is this, as of last week I'd been there about 3 1/2 weeks and I applied for another job, it was offering permanent part-time as well as casual(bah! All ready have that) in the Hospitality field. I applied for it, feel a bit of a louse, I've only just got his job. But permanent part-time is pretty tempting, even casual in my preferred field would be a start. I can move into a permanent role probably easier from there. And into other areas of Hospitality all across the board. It'll be good I'm sure.

However also on the horizon another call centre is advertising full time permanent positions, however they have a boogelly reputation. Which springs to mind a quote from Buffy second episode of the first season I think.
"I laugh in the face of danger. Then I hide till it goes away." - Xander Harris, one of life's great philosophers!

I now know who recruits for one of the call centers, located conveniently in town thanks to Ms Stash, and will be popping into their office with a copy of my resume now for future positions.
Not that I'm certain this is forever, but for now, these gigs pay good money. And good money buys nice yarn, and chocolate, and wine, and of course Matt Hardy's. Almost time I had a new one for my collection I think.

Back to the land of living go I, as opposed to the land of cyber I suppose.


2paw said...

Yes, the filthy lucre, but we all need it. I ahve seeen 'the book' said in the right voice of course and the whole Nigella thing is progressing nicely over at MrsDrWho's house!!!

Anonymous said...

That new book looks amazing! I honestly didn't realize she had other things available - but they're hysterical. Ah, maybe after the holidays...

Good luck with the job hunt. *hugs*