Thursday, December 21, 2006


While Ms Stash was getting fantastic phone calls, I was getting letters of doom. The job I applied for last week, my dream job. I got a letter today on very nice paper, thankyou but no thankyou. Oh.

Never mind, I applied to the call centre with the boogelly rep yesterday, I think it's put about by other people applying to try and phase others from applying.

Also in today's mail arrived my expression of interest form, to go back and do more study in hospitality. Sandra D does not approve. I don't want to get to 30 and think what if! So at this stage I am giving it some serious thought, I don't want to be old a and wrinkly and look back and think what if I had gone back and done what I wanted??? Where might I be today? With my own chain of restaurants? My own chain of hotels? My own airline (or at least a private jet?).

But on the upside of the mail, a very big upside I got gift wrapped in green a present form Karen my now not so secret pal! I haven't opened it yet, it's going under the Christmas tree so I can open Monday. I am looking forward to what possibility may be inside! It's so exciting!!!

However in closing, I have to share a thought that came to me, I feel a great kinship with the Wizzard, Rincewind from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. Always where I don't want to be, always opening the wrong door. Which Ms stash informs me means something boogelly will come out and go ho ho! You've opened the wrong door an now I'm something boogelly. She may just have a point.

And another final thought, I am doing my best Nigella impersonations tomorrow, I'm going to take photos. Will I post them? It is the season for goodwill to all mankind so maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Hope your parcel from Karen is a really nice one.

I deceided today that christmas is good as people at work keep feeding me nice things.

hope you have a good christmas

2paw said...

30?? Pshaw!! I'll see your 30 and raise you 40 and a bit more!!! Karma, Karma and Kismet and Que Sera Sera, whatever will be will be!! 30 is the new 20, you have years to go yet!! Nigella is being organised, fear not!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoo! I was really worried - Amazon said it would get there until well after Xmas. So at least it's there in time for the summer solstice! Hope you enjoy it...

Anonymous said...

You must do everything YOU want to do! Always. We only get one shot.