Friday, December 15, 2006

How now brown cow!

Ah, well Ms Stash has done me a favour and done osme picture taking for me, yeah! she is a most excellent photographer and will do my newly arrived parcel from my Secret Pal (or should that be not so secret pal?) immense justice.

I've updated over at the Inn again, this time with more Christmas recipies, I need to reclaim my recipe book to be able to post the Spicy Mexican Bean Dip recipe. However you will find the Port and Apricot Glaze, the new treat of Apricot and almond white Christmas (divine! This will now go into the Christmas tradition list), and I've also managed to rouse up the truffle recipes I've made the last three years. I usually try to find a different one each year. Didn't get around to making any this year. Next year.

Not much else to report, last night was soup and season 1 of Buffy night. I have to say of al my Buffy's none have had as much use as season 1. It was a good season. Before they all started to take themselves too seriously.
Tonight i htink may be another soup night and possibly Elvira...


2paw said...

I took some A&A Christmas home and The Labradors didn't even get a crumb!! It was delicious: I shall be making some!!!! It was so nice to see you at the Knitting Coven!!!

msfortuknit said...

Spicy bean dip buffy and Elvira!

How is it that your so far away? hahah You are truly the cooooooolest!