Saturday, December 09, 2006

May the yarn be with you!

I need my very own kind of force to get me through a working week, however am less rubbish at job on day five than I was on day one of my first official working week.

So I have found my next treasures, both from the Knittery. First the Merino 4-ply in Sea Breeze and the much long awaited Merino Cashmere in Moonlight.

Discovered by accident the new Knitty was up, stopping by to check the archive. And there was a new one, and it seems to be quite a bumper issue this time or is it just me? Way too much good stuff this time around, my to knit list will grow majorly! However I think my absolute top pick is the Eiffiel top.

Went out to a party with Ms Stash last night, had a vodka cruisers, scoffed some very nice sauaage rolls (note to self make sausage rolls for Chrstmas eve this year!), and generally did what I do best sit around and observe the bright colourful lightside dwellign people do, which was mostly dance to weird techno music. Then we got a band, very exciting rock music! Yeah! Then we got the DJ with the dunce dunce dunce music, traditionally played in night clubs at the end of an evening loudly in an effort to drive people out.
Mostly a lot of young people in there interesitng outfits jumping and twirling about on the dance floor, I felt really old and out of touch.
And what else did I see out dancing together, well nothing new there, I mean lots of guys dance together. Or more to the point jump around the dance floor together.
But out on the dance floor having a good old fashioned make out session were a couple of boys.

Now I know most people will be disturbed by this, or just generally grossed out. But I, I was pleased that we, here in Tasmanaia truly seem to have come long a way in a short time. It wasn't that long ago the laws were repealed against homosexuality.

Today has been too hot to do anything and mostly I have been appreciating not having to get up and go to work. Bah, I find I'd like to accidently hang up on a at least half my customers. Don't know how long this will all last before I move on to a new workplace.

I have to go find somehwere cool to lurk and cool my fevered brow. I may have to wait until this evening before I tackle any knitting.
But how is this for fate? I missed the November issue of Aussie Women's Weekly, with their Christmas baking special. Guess what found it's way into Sandra D's hot little hands? Yes, a copy of the November issue I had missed given to her by a friend, neither of whom new I had missed it and was kicking myself.

Until next time,
A bona fide red head and damn proud of it.


2paw said...

Didn't the new Knitty sneak up?? It is chock full but few jumpers, I like the leafy socks and the Piggles, though not for me!!!
It's all Techno at your place: Techno Park, Techno Party, Techno-ical Difficulties!!!!!

msfortuknit said...

Im on my way... How wonderful for you!