Sunday, December 10, 2006

Some like it hot!

It has been too hot for me, last itme I checked it had made it to 30.5C. Way too hot, and of ocurse that put a crimp in the Christmas cooking Sandra D and I were supposed to be doing today in preperation of the big day.

I also managed after reclaiming the recipe for the Port and Apricot Glaze for turkey then managed to leave it behind at Sandra D's. Oh well one day this week and I can put it up on the Inn. I've actually just been over there and moved the links in the sidebar around so all the recipes are listed first, making them easier to navigate. Hopefully.
There is a new Christmas treat possible going into my line-up this year, I'll post the recipe after I try it and find out if it's succesful or not.

carols by Candlelight next weekend, bah humbug! Having said that I will probably end up watching the televised version from the ???? on Saturday if only to shout at the tv.

It must almost be about time I dug my Christmas tree out and put it up. Decorate it so the Daft White Cat can steal things from off it. Bah!
Then I'll just have to get everyone's present to put under it. I suspect htere will be a lot of envelopes, such an easy way of shopping!

Until next time,
A bona fide hot and bothered red head and damn unhappy about it.

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